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According to Lahey Clinic allergist Dr. John Saryan, there is a practice in Connecticut that has had some success with this method–but that it’s really just experimental. “Some of my colleagues in the allergy community, probably against the recommendations of the research community, have actually decided they want to do oral immunotherapy or OIT,” he said. But Amy insists her results are better than the doctors using OIT. “The repeat reactivity of the OIT studies are 75 percent,” Thieringer said. “That means 75 percent of the kids five years out are having serious reactions [If] you talk to the kids who are five, nine years out of my practice and they don’t even remember having food allergies.” Some of the probiotics used in Thieringer’s Allergy Release Therapy. (WBZ-TV) Many kids eventually outgrow allergies, but according to Saryan, there is no known cure. “For most patients, it’s avoidance and unfortunately that’s all we have to offer,” he said. But Amy disagrees and says Children’s Hospital has taken interest in her results. According to Diane, Luke, a former Children’s patient, took part in the study, eating 30 peanut M&M’s at Children’s in one sitting. “The medical field really needs to understand what she does,” Diane said.

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