Zombies are difficult to kill with most weapons. Killshots require lots of bullets or luck. The player is much faster than the zombies and can run around individuals or small groups easily. Zombies can travel in large herds and spread out to avoid colliding with one another, resulting in large barriers of zombies. Damage, bites, or death sustained by party members in looting mode carry over to travel mode. Any resources a killed character is carrying, including those included in the characters loadout for a mission, are lost. So using a character and loading them with items is like wagering them for the chance to win more resources. Goals for this modes level design, therefore, are to create spaces that enable players to wander and collect resources comfortably but also enhance the tension when the map fills with zombies. We also wanted the levels to encourage players to take risks, but not throw dead ends in their way without some sort of warning: the levels are not designed to kill the player. If a player gets a character killed or bitten while looting, they should feel that they miscalculated and learn for the next mission.

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Njoku will need to become more nuanced isometric definition and refined as a route runner, and needs coaching and experience as an in-line blocker. But he is long, athletic, with good hands and outstanding acceleration in the open field. He has the look of a first-round pick who can develop into a complete, dynamic NFL tight end. MISSISSIPPI TE EVAN ENGRAM What stood out with Engram was the number of vertical routes he ran: seams, wheels, slot fades and corner routes. Hes quick into his routes and a fluid strider with easy movement as a route runner. Engram can line up anywhere, including in the backfield. The ability to detach from the formation and win in space is a plus. What concerned me a bit is Engram didnt always play to his timed speed as a route runner. He didnt consistently look explosive running vertical routes, and also at times showed inconsistent hands, with drops and not catching the ball easily. Also, hes not a very good in-line blocker and theres no real physical element to his game.

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