How to Do and What Is Isometric Exercise?

What mike mentzer is isometric exercise? This is a very good question and one that many people have. They might have heard about doing this type of exercise through a variety of different sources. They might have heard about old magazine ads promoting this type of work out. They might have learned about the NASA studies when it comes to this form isometric workout of exercise. They might have heard about it related to doing typical gym exercises and adding in an isometric component to it to really work the muscle. No matter how you definition of isometric have heard about isometric exercises, you have found the perfect article to learn more about the definition of isometric subject.

So what really, what is isometric exercise? Isometric exercise is one where you do not have a eccentric or concentric contraction. What are those fancy words really mean? Well, let's use our favorite example, the bicep curl. When you pump a dumbbell or a barbell lifting it up to the top position you have just performed a concentric contraction, which means that the muscle is shortening, when you begin to lower that weight down your performing an eccentric contraction and the muscle is now getting longer. So where does that leave us when it comes to an isometric contraction? What that means is that isometric contraction is going to have to be between an eccentric and concentric contraction.

That probably still doesn't give you a clear picture so think about this, you begin to perform a bicep curl and now with your forearm is level with your elbow, creating a 90° angle between your forearm bone and your upper arm bone you are now and isometric contraction. The muscle is not shorter and it is not longer, it is in that middle ground where most people rarely ever work out.

What are the benefits of isometric exercise? Well, it's all about hitting the muscle in a range that you rarely use it. Well, let's correct that a range where many people rarely dynamically use their muscles. Just because muscles are not dynamically used in these positions, it doesn't mean that they are not important because they are very important and really will create a lot of strength and power. Think about someone being able to take a heavyweight and not having to rely on mental to sling it up but being able to hold that middle ground position for very long time. Can you imagine how strong that person will become? Think about someone could hold a horizontal squat with 300 pounds on a barbell for 10 minutes, this is going to be one strong person. It is also going to make people stronger to out there full range of motion and they won't have a weak spot. That's going to be perfect for people who are in different forms of sports and people who just want a strong body.

So there are many different reasons why a person should try isometric exercises and you should try today.

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